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Engineering, R&D, and Failure Analysis

Aero BearingsAccept-Reject Criteria for bearings with no OEM Inspection Limits

Provide customers a Tech-Order with accept/reject criteria by Part Number. This sevice applies to bearings where the OEM has not provided any Inspection Criteria, and for other bearings at the request of customers on a case-by-case basis.

This service is not available for all bearings. However, substantial savings can be realized by avoiding the unneccesary reject "by default" of many bearing currently in service.

Prior to issue of each Tech-Order, a complete design-anaysis and a corresponding regulatory approval process is required. Each Tech-Order is revision-controlled and is available by PN, or by the next-higher assembly as aplicable to each customer. Please note we are unable to release any Tech Order prior to regulatory approval.

Applied Research and R&D Services

Provide cutting edge Research and Development Services with a passion for short-term positive impact on the bottom line! Examples include:

»  Safety: Instruments for reduction of operator error in bearing inspection and repair.
»  Repair-Yields: Increasing the number of bearings returned to service.
»  Maintainability: Efficient bearing maintenance by improved methods and tooling.
»  Flight-Dispatch-Reliability: Continued reduction of false-positive "metal in oil".
»  Airline Maintenance Costs: Root-Cause reduction in bearings requiring repair.
»  SFC Reduction: Continued drive for further reduction of internal friction.
»  Repair Innovation: Methods to support a "Rapid TAT" customer support program.
»  Field-Deployed Go-No-Go bearing health condition screening.

Failure Analysis Services

»  Microscopic metallographic inspection.
»  FEA Thermal and Structural analysis
»  Vibration, Life, and Fatigue analysis
»  Friction, lubrication, and wear analysis – Tribology factors
»  Geometry and Surface Finish analysis
»  OEM Manufacturing and Service-Related root-cause of defects

Customers have the option of tapping into an extensive experience with Failure Analysis, to assist with answering operational, maintenance, and supplier questions following an in-service anomaly. If required, nearby specialty metallographic laboratories are utilized to extend beyond the available in-house instruments.

The outcome: Peer-reviewed comprehensive reports emphasize root-cause, operational impact, human-factors, and the need for a look-back, if any.

As a standard practice, an initial report is provided within 24 hours or sooner. An intermediate update is provided after 3 days, and a final report follows as soon as practical. Some exceptions may apply.



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