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Representing a substantial
experience in working in
compliance within FAA,
EASA, and other regulatory
agencies, the management
team's know-how is directed
to deliver on commitments
to the company's customers.

A Responsible Corporate Citizen

Our Business
Some may call us "recyclers". We truly recycle aviation bearings so they can be reused in any aircraft with complete confidence. The reclamation, inspection, overhaul, and return-to-service of used aircraft bearings is our unique expertise.

To succeed in our recycling mission, a substantial investment was made to develop the instrumentation, processes, facilities, systems, and technical know-how. This was required to meet the demanding requirements for aviation safety and performance.

The result of our efforts are bearings with a Form, Fit, and Function as good as new.

Environmental Impact Statement:

With each bearing returned to service, we avoid the need to breach the forest, dig the mountain, scoop the ore, crush, strip, transport, refine, smelt, alloy, cast, forge, machine, grind, finish, clean, and package a new bearing.

Each bearing returned to service saves more than ten times its volume in ore-mining, and eliminates almost all energy consumption required to make a new bearing.

Our bearings are used almost exclusively for air transport - the cleanest, fastest, and safest mode of transportation...   What a good way to start one's day ! ...

Chemical Cleaning
By utilizing water-based cleaning solutions - we reduce the total amount of chemicals on-site, and maintain a zero-discharge operation. By utilizing just-in-time supply and disposal vendors, we maintain only a small inventory of chemicals ... an inventory much smaller than an average supermarket.

We adhere to the regulatory directives of federal, state, and local agencies who perform periodic inspections of our facility.

Employee Health
By investing and maintaining a clean and human-friendly environment, we help maintain employee health. Healthy employees keep our costs down - so we are able to provide a competitive value proposition to our customers. 



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