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Aircraft Bearing Inspection Services

Unpacked bearings undergo mandatory SUP/HD inspection and customer-document inspection. Acceptable bearings are inducted, and all applicable information is entered into the state-of-the-art ReAlloc™ Work Order Management System. Exceptions are flagged by inspectors and referred to engineering, QA, or Customer Service for further disposition. Customers are contacted as required.

Chemical Cleaning
Inducted bearings are moved to the wet-chemistry area for eco-friendly water-based cleaning. The demagnetizing and removal of all service-related oil and varnish residue is carried out with continuous fluid agitation and micron-level filtration at an optimal temperature and in-process time. Clean bearings are placed in a dust-free protective covers, and moved to the next area for subsequent processing.

Inspection - Documents
Part Numbers, Serial Numbers, Engineering Instructions, Customer Directives, FAA Directives, and one-time customer requirements are examined for applicability.

Inspection - Visual
Surface conditions are identified and quantified with bench-top illuminated magnifiers and a CCD Video Microscope to document and archive findings.

Inspection - Dimensions
High precision measurements from state-of-the-art instruments determine basic dimensions, including diameters, thickness, and depth of surface defects.

Inspection - Unique to Bearings
Depending on the type of bearing, any number of bearing-unique measurements are required. Examples include: Internal Radial Clearance, Axial Internal Clearance, Acoustical/Vibration analysis, Contact Angle measurement, Flushness measurement, Roller Drop measurement, and other part-number-specific measurements unique to bearings.

Inspection - Other
Additional inspection methods are utilized as necessary, including Florescent Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, Residual Gauss Field, Surface Finish, Hardness, Eddy-Current NDT, and more.

Inspection - Final
The inspector's findings and additional read-out data is used to determine serviceability of each bearing. Repairable bearings are moved to the Customer Hold area pending customer approval as necessary.

Preservation and Packing
Serviceable bearings are processed through preservation and are vacuum packed in preparation for shipping. Shelf life and mechanical protection are maximized.

Serviceable bearings are processed out of the MRP system, packed for shipping in compliance with customer requirements and applicable regulations.


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