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Bearing Overhaul Services

Overview - Bearing Overhaul
For every 100 bearings removed from service, between 40 and 80 bearings may be found Serviceable or Repairable, depending on the function/location of the bearing. In other words: Most, but not all bearings can be returned to service.

Upon completion of Overhaul, all bearings meet or exceed OEM return-to-service acceptance criteria.

Acceptance criteria includes surface conditions, dimensional requirements, and other requirements unique to bearings such as the measurements of internal clearances.

At AeroBearings we follow OEM criteria for return-to-service. We also follow OEM criteria for repairability. We stay within the OEM guidelines on what can be repaired.

Specifically, we do not offer any repair which is not already offered by the OEMs.

Our typical Turn-Time is 10 days.

We supplement our Overhaul Services with real-time logistic solutions to ensure the most economical and expeditious outcome to our customers.

Bearings rejected by the Inspection process are disassembled and Overhauled.

Inspection - Workscope
Bearings are re-inspected in accordance with Part-Number-specific criteria, also known as Level 2 criteria. A new Router is added, and the MRP system updated. Replacement Components are ordered as required.

Inspection - 3D Baseline Data
When necessary, bearings undergo a detailed dimensional survey establishing the baseline dimensions of the individual bearing components, in as-received condition, prior to Overhaul. The process is repeated for 100% of all Overhauled bearings, by Part Number and Serial Number.

Overhaul - Active Surfaces - Polishing
Inner and outer races exhibiting defects on the active surfaces, are polished, cleaned, and re-inspected.

Overhaul - Separators - Plating
Depending on the extent of plating loss, Silver Plating is restored by complete strip and re-plate of the Silver plating. Some Separators will be further NDT inspected for tang mechanical integrity. A balancing process is utilized to further optimize in-service performance as required.

Overhaul - Rolling Elements - Replacement
The replacement of a set of rolling element begins with a dimensional survey of the entire defective set of rolling elements from the bearing. The outcome of the dimensional survey is used to allocate a replacement set of rolling elements. The data collected on each replacement rolling element meets or exceeds the data collected at the time of the original bearing manufacture. Using this data ensures the Form, Fit, and Function of the bearing will meet all serviceability requirement of a new bearing.

Overhaul - Mounting Flanges - Restoration
Mounting flanges are commonly integrated with the bearing outer race. Defects in these mounting flanges typically occur during the removal of the bearing from its housing. These defects are candidates for minor hand-blending.

Assembly and Final Inspection
Following the Overhaul, all individual components are in compliance with the intent of the workscope. The bearing is re-assembled as applicable. The option of Multi-Spectral acoustic signature is provided to re-establish a new baseline-signature for future reference.

The last step of bearing Overhaul is the Final Inspection of the bearing. This inspection includes, as applicable, Radial and Axial clearance, Contact Angle and other measurements as required to meet return-to-service criteria.


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